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, gusty winds. we have a flood threat for central gulf coast of texas from galveston. looking for a threat of heavy rain, corpus christi to houston, heavy rain in southern florida as well. anywhere from one to four inches of rain from southern texas to southern florida this mo >> good morning. temperatures in the 70's spirit we expect upper 80's for highs. that's your latest weather, matt. >>> now to presidential politics and the sharpened rhetoric between president obama and mitt romney over the state of the economy. nbc's peter alexander is in houston where romney will speak at the naacp convention a little later today. peter, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. the naacp, of course, is the nation's oldest civil rights organization. romney can expect to face a skeptical audience here. four years ago then candidate obama won 95% of the african-american vote but romney is hoping this community will take a listen to his policies today. meanwhile the president and romney have been going back and forth exchanging fire over everything from taxes to who is most to blame for shipp
is houston, texas. one is sydney, australia and the other is melbourne. >> number 1 is melbourne. >> what are they talking about? what are they doing there? >> i don't know. >> the other top two cities are chicago, l.a., australia, brooklyn, new york and atlanta. that's where the cougars are trolling. >> i think it's because of that guy on the mentalist. what's his name, simon baker? >> i love him. >> so adorable. i think i'll go to australia and get me one of those. i'll take three. >> here's a little surprising news. "america's got talent" is a big big show on nbc. it's going along swimmingly and suddenly there was a tweet. >> a strange tweet from sharon osbourne. >> she wrote this, my darling, howard stern, money is not the reason i'm not returning to nbcagt, which is "america's got talent." it is because... >> now oh, robert greenblatt said this caught nbc off guard. the producer said we don't know what's going on and it may be much ado about nothing. >> twitter is weird. people are saying what they want with no publicist and nothing. >> i think it's a need to control things. so much
at a sanctuary in south africa to attack a texas graduate student. we're going to have the latest on that story. new images of one of the chimps involved thain attack. >>> then "today's" professionals are in the house. among the topics we're going to be talking about we already know airlines charge extra fees for baggage, meals, even extra leg room. how would you feel about paying a fee that would let you get off the plane faster when you arrive at the terminal? we'll talk about this and many other topics. >>> let's begin the half hour with attempted murder trial of a florida teenager accused of viciously attacking a younger girl. prosecutors say it was all because of text messages. nbc's kerry sanders in fort lauderdale this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. wayne traceacy confessed he putn steele toed boots and tracked down ratley and attacked her, an attack so vicious it left her with brain damage. his lawyers claim he's not guilty because he was in sane. wayne treacy sat in court crying as prosecutors say he continued to kick the victim's head wearing steel toed
the drought are expected to last through october. >>> severe weather tore through north texas friday. high winds caused an 18 wheeler to tip over on to a passenger vehicle near the dallas-ft. worth international airport. hail, lightning and heavy rain delayed several flights. no one was seriously hurt. >>> separately, rains caused a part of a ceiling to collapse friday at a mall in charlotte, north carolina. shoppers say it was very frightening but fortunately everyone got out okay. it's estimated that up to three inches of rain fell in about 45 minutes. >>> turning to syria where the rebels are pushing deeper into the capital of damascus in their fight to topple the regime. we're monitoring the latest violence in cairo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, courtn courtney, rebel fighters clashed for a seventh straight day in the capital of damascus. since an attack on wednesday killed the country's defense minister along with three other top security officials, rebels are frequently ambushing troops and attacking police stations in the capital. but the syrian military is fighting back
and a flood threat for the central gulf coast of texas from galveston and we're looking for the threat of really heavy rain. look, you can see it now from corpus christi to houston and heavy rain in southern florida, as well. anywhere from one to four inches of rain from southern texas to southern florida this morning. that's what's going on around the country this morning. >> good morning, tom kierein in storm center 4. beautiful morning under way. quite a bit of cloudiness and all those areas in green in the 60s and areas in yellow are low to mid-70s. and a little less humid by later this afternoon. partly sunny through the day. tomorrow highs mid-80s and then some occasional showe that's your latest weather, matt. >>> now to presidential politics and the sharpened rhetoric between president obama and mitt romney over the state of the economy. nbc's peter alexander is in houston where romney will speak at the naacp convention a little later today. peter, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. the naacp, of course, is the nation's oldest civil rights organization. romney c
. >>> a graduate student from texas in a fight for his life. the 26-year-old mauled by chimpanzees in south africa and underwent six hours of surgery. coming up, live with more on his recovery. what led to the vicious attack. we'll hear from a man who was there on the scene. >> with the olympics just 25 days away, the torch is passing through a special location today. princess diana's childhood home. we'll take you there live. >>> we'll begin with severe storms that battled the east coast. tom costello in an area of washington, d.c. where people there are still without power this morning. good morning to you, tom. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning. we could have picked almost any of many, many streets in virginia, maryland, washington, d.c. area to show awe scene like this. a massive tree down right on top of a car, power lines down. from the midwest to the mid-atlantic we have got a lot of destruction. just last night more storms in north carolina, three people dead there. let's put this into perspective, at the height of the outages, more than 5 million people without electricity. now it's
showers and thunderstorms for you. texas, 94 and houston with showers in eastern texas. monday, back to work, more thunderstorms across the carolinas stretching back on through parts of the middle mississippi river valley. hey, every morning on the weather chaj nnel at 6:00 a.m. eastern, you can always "wake up with al." you can take the man outta new jersey, but you can't take your pants off in a museum." [ laughs ] ted, i can't wait to take you home and run my fingers through that adorable hair. who says we need to wait 'til home? ♪ hey, i don't come here for the ambiance. axe hair? [ male announcer ] with teddy bear hair you can get away with anything. get some of your own with axe hair. come see ted in theatres. rated r. ♪ mr. parker! sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! don't let food hang around. ♪ on rock & roll! [ orbit trumpet plays ] clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... eat. drink. chew orbit. >>> it's time for madelyn's food fight. you may be screaming for ice
? >> the great texas mosquito festival. >> in klute, texas. >> but you already missed it. june 28th. we're talking about things over. >> why would you want to call mosquito -- >> let me say something. >> see what happens when you get all worked up? >> jerry, i want to apologize. can we say one thing? because we have a great country singer in the house. >> no, we don't. >> yes, we do. his name is kip moore, and he plays this song. they call him the kind of -- what is it? ♪ >> the hillbilly springsteen. >> he is such fun, we will have him sing for us later. >> i am so enjoying this. this is such a delightful summer drink. >> it's delicious, jerry. >>> up next, is laughter the best medicine? >> oh, gosh, we have lisa kudrow in the house. >> how did i do that? ♪ 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out
on what may have led two chimpanzees in south africa to attack a texas graduate student. we'll have the latest on that story and new images of one of the chimps involved in that attack. >> and among the topics we'll be talking about today, we already know airlines charge extra fees for things lying baggage, food and extra leg room. but how would you feel about paying an extra fee that would allow you off faster when you get to the terminal? >> a florida teen-ager accused of viciously attacking a younger gi girl. prosecutors say it was all because of text messages. kerry sanders in in ft. lauderdale this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wayne confessed to lawmakers he put on steel toed boots and tracked down the 13-year-old and kicked her repeatedly in the head, the attack so vicious it left her brain dead. his argues lawyer he was not guilty because he was insane at the moment, a psychotic episode triggered by a series of cruel messages. >> wayne sat in court trying as the prosecutor told jurors the teen-agers repeatedly kicked her head while wearing steel toed boot
look at your fourth of july forecast. >>> also ahead, the latest on the graduate student from texas who was viciously mauled by chimpanzees in south africa. exclusive images of the two chimps involved. plus, close friends of the victim will speak out in a live interview. >> a ringless katie holmes steps out for first time since filing for divorce while journalist anderson cooper announces he's gay. we'll discuss them with today's professionals. we begin with the sweltering heat and struggle to restore power to more than a million people. tom costello is in bethesda maryland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. could have picked any number of neighborhoods, the devastation four days after the storm is remarkable. an entire tree here in this case, she reddshredded and this suffered significant damage, a blue tarp hangs over it. look at the size of the tree that was literally cuff in half by the storm. 1.3 million people are thought would be without power stretching from ohio to the mid-atlantic. the mayor of d.c. is requesting president obama declare a state of emergency and there is
awaiting another court hearing. the flight from new york to las vegas was safely diverted to texas after passengers subdued the pilot. >>> officials in san bernardino voted last night to file for bankruptcy protection making theirs the second largest city to do so after stockton, california. san bernardino has already stopped paying some bills and may not be able to make payroll over the next few weeks. >>> meanwhile january don't mayor defied a judge's order and slashed wages to minimum wage. the police, firefighters and mayor will lose 75% of their paychecks. scranton has a $16 million budget gap. >>> republican mitt romney presents his case to black voters today at the annual meeting of the naacp of houston. he'll pick up where he left off tuesday in colorado hammering away at president obama's record on job creation. president obama was in the battleground state of iowa tuesday pushing his plan to extend tax cuts for lower and middle coin americans. >>> lance armstrong's legal team filed a revised lawsuit to block anti-doping agency's doping case against him. on monday armstrong's in
. >>> a graduate student from texas is recovering from surgery after a chimp attack at an animal sanctuary in south africa last week. andrew oberle is now under sedation with his parents at his bedside. exclusive images of the two chimps involved in the attack. one of them wounded by gunshot when he charged at the sanctuary's owner after the attack. >>> twelve time olympic medalist dara torres retired. the 45-year-old swim erika up short last night in her record bid to make a sixth olympic team. in track and field american sprinter jeneba tarmoh with drew from the tiebreaking runoff from the final spot in the 100 meters. she conceded to her training partner allyson felix say her heart wasn't in it again. >>> tried to grab the torch on the relay while going through england. >>> nbc kristen dahlgren with the story. >> reporter: she was a daring beauty who pushed aviation and imagination to new heights. >> i hope it will increase women's interest in flying. >> reporter: when amelia earhart vanished over the pacific, her disappear answers became one of the enduring mysteries of the time. he's been sear
. >> stephanie, thank you. now to the graduate student from texas recovering from a brutal chimp attack in south africa. we'll talk to two of his close friends in a moment. first rohit in south africa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the doctors here have really had a chance to reassess some of those injuries. it's clear the recovery is going to take some time. at least it's now happening with his parents close by. they flew in yesterday afternoon. they were distraught and they raced straight to the hospital. andrew oberle is under sedation this morning. he now has his parents at his bedside. after six hours of surgery to help repair wounds from head to toe, he's recovering well but there's a long way to go. exclusive images of the two chimps involved, nicky and am, adeus. he charged the director after the attack. he's stable and cared for at a zoo in johannesburg. despite the savage mauling by two chimpanzees, doctors believe oberle may have escaped much worse injuries. >> he's in stable condition, remains in stable condition. he's been stable for quite some time now. we believ
to recovery. the texas graduate student who was mauled by chimpanzees in south africa moved to a new hospital this morning. we're live with the next step in his recovery. we're live thursday july 5, his recovery. we're live thursday july 5, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm natalie morales. >> and i'm willie geist in for matt this morning. just a devastating day in new york for a family on a yacht watching the feerks and it capsized. >> sadly three people died at the scene. now an investigation is under way to determine what caused that boat to capsize. we'll get a live report straight ahead. >> also ahead this morning, a controversial firing in florida. a lifeguard let go after he helped save a man's life. the problem? he broke policy by going outside his patrol zone. we're going to hear from upset co-workers who now have quit in protest. >> and take a look at last night's fireworks display in san diego. all 15 seconds or so of it. all of the fireworks apparently accidentally went off at the same time to the dismay an
section of the country. heat advisories from the dakotas, all the way from southern ohio back into texas. the high pressure keeping those temperatures still high. we'll look at the tempe >> clouds and showers. the cold front of the north. we are expecting it to be warm. >>> that's your latest weather. now back to savannah. >> now to shocking claims about the background to a long-time aid of hillary clinton. on wednesday republican senator john mccain came to her defense. kelly o'donnell has this story for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is an unusual story. it goes to the heart of one of hillary clinton's closest relationships. it was john mccain who came out swinging to say what hillary clinton as secretary of state could not say publicly. described by the secretary of state as her second daughter, she is hillary clinton's dear friend, closest senior aide and seemingly all at her side, elegant, glamorous, profiled in vogue. she also happens to be muslim american and she's now the swept up in controversial insinuations made by former gop presidential ca
degree murder charge in connection with her disappearance. >>> new video this morning from dallas, texas. the video from a toll plaza shows, look at this, a city bus plowing into four cars sending debris all over the road. two people were injured. the crash is now under investigation. it is unbelievable. >>> a break in the searing heat out west has firefighters scrambling to gain ground on several blaises, crews making progress. investigators on the most destructive in colorado state history say they have located the site where that blaze started. they have yet to conclude what triggered the 12 day old wildfire. mvp while a new wildfire threatening evacuation and threatening homes in northern california. >>> check out the official song of the 2012 london olympics. it is called survival and features a video showing moments of the game. ♪ >> while the song is taking some flack from music critics. officials say it will be played throughout the games when athletes enter the venue. 7:14, back to natalie, willie, stephanie. it is no "eye of the tiger" but i like the words. >> i love muse. th
now we've got a lot of rain to talk about down in texas all the way to florida. you can see the heavy rain that is being generated and we have flash flood watches and warnings in around the houston area, 14 inches of rain in the last two days. some areas may pick up another three to five inches. then on the other side of the gulf florida will be looking in the gainesville area, another >> good morning.hes of rain as we could use some rain. a slight chance you'll see some rain in your neighborhood. >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> americans are getting ready to throw support behind team usa in london in two weeks but there's controversy over the uniforms the athletes will be wearing. nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill with this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is not the kind of olympic fever you would expect from our nation's capital. turns outlawmakers are surprised, upset and disappointed that the red, white, and blue for team usa may not be so all american. you might say an olympic flame was just lit in washington. >> i am so upset that i
for a fatal construction accident in texas. two workers were dismantling a construction crane on saturday when it suddenly collapsed. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts were blowing through the richardson campus of the university of texas at dallas at the time. >>> major donor nations including the united states pledged today to give afghanistan $16 billion for civilian needs over the next four years. the financial support is to show there won't be a mass exodus from afghanistan when u.s. and nato troops begin withdrawing next year. but for the first time, the donors are insisting that the afghan government reduce widespread corruption to get all the money. >>> a chinese acrobat survived a fall after a tight rope today in central china. he was walking backwards 657 feet above the ground with his eyes covered when he slipped. the acrobat didn't take any safety precautions except for the pole he used to keep balanced. he fell about 130 feet, but didn't appear to be seriously injured. the acrobat says he fell slightly -- fell slightly faint after walking more than 50 minutes and he slipped because of the
of giving political payoffs to some of his biggest donors as the president heads to texas on the fund-raising trip trying to keep up with the romney money machine. >> hello, cincinnati. >> reporter: president obama is ratcheting up his attacks. at the first town hall in ohio the president hammered mitt romney for tax policies that a new report says would encourage companies to outsource jobs. >> we don't need a president who plans to shift more jobs overseas or wants to give more tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas. >> reporter: the romney campaign calls that report biased, dishonest, linking it to an obama supporter. >> what does it say about a president whose record so is poor all he can do in this campaign is criticizes me. >> tax havens, offshore accounts, mitt romney has used every trick in the book. >> reporter: romney's aides insist americans aren't focused on his tax returns or tenure at bain. even the candidate's singing hit a sour note, becoming a point of contention. both candidates at times delighted their audience by singing. >> you know that song? ♪ obeautif
forecast ahead. >>> a graduate student from texas in a fight for his life. the 26-year-old mauled by chimpanzees in south africa and underwent six hours of surgery. coming up, live with more on his recovery. what led to the vicious attack. we'll hear from a man who was there on the scene. >> with the olympics just 25 days away, the torch is passing away as texas and canada to try to get power restored. sunrise over washington this morning, as 1 to 2 million people throughout the mid-atlantic face a third day of misery, triple digits, and no electricity. >> another sizzling hot day, absolute misery. >> reporter: last night in a pitch-black neighborhood, another sizzling hot day. we found louis and lily guarda bracing for high temps and no humidity. >> we hope a cool breeze cools us off. actually, we ever been most concerned about the dogs, about our pets. >> reporter: friday night's 91-mile-per-hour winds left a trail of destruction in their wake. over hundreds of miles, massive trees down down and with them an entire network of power lines. >> no one predicted that this storm woul
's upwardly mobile george jefferson, died tuesday at his home in el paso, texas. he got his start as archie bunker's neighbor on "all in the family" but his spinoff "the jeffersons" that made him a household name. he was 74 years old. who could forget the deluxe apartment in the sky. it's 7:17. back to the gang in london. hey, guys. >> all right. hoda, thank you so much. al, we checked with you with the weather, this is doubling as a fan this morning. >> i know. moving around warm air but keep doing it. >> i was trying to help you. >> thank you. it's very nice. just keep going. let's see what we've got for you. here is the forecast for london over the next three days. we're talking about temperatures staying in the 80s. chance of afternoon showers by friday. but the good news is those shower chances will start to decrease as we get on into the opening ceremony, 9:00, cloudy, just a 20% chance of showers. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. that's what going on around the country, here is what's happening in your ne >>> good wednesday morning to you. 7:18. starting with a live look over s
chevrolet pickup truck, which was later found burned in texas and linked by police to the suspect. >> based on information and surveillance, detectives were able to positively identify the truck that traveled directly behind mickey in the video as belonging to brandon lavergne. >> 10 to 20 feet in. >> reporter: shunick's disappearance prompted a search as volunteers passed out fliers and scoured the area and the family appealed for help. >> if you know anyone in arizona, california, just let them know what's going on. >> reporter: a week after shunick went missing, her bicycle was found in a river, showing signs it may have been struck by a vehicle. >> investigators were also able to place brandon lavernge in and around the location of where the bicycle was located beneath the whiskey bay bridge. >> reporter: brandon lavernge public defender could not be reached for comment. shunick's family issued a statement, saying "all we care about is finding out what happened and getting our girl back. we are holding up fine and staying positive. the chances of her being alive today are the same as th
. >> yes. our first question is bonnie from texas. >> i would like to know what you do -- your favorite thing that you cannot do without. >> favorite thing you can't do without? what's yours? >> you know what? i can't live without scripture in the morning. i really can't. i have to start my day off that way or it's all downhill. >> and i like trish mcevoy i can't go without it, trish mcevoy number 3. >> and my lip gloss. >> what else? >> now there's jenna from canada. >> did you have any role models growing up? >> you want to say? >> mine is traditional like a lot of young girls. my mom was mine. she was sort of a trailblazer. huge, huge. i felt so lucky to have her in my life. i followed and emulated her. >> my mom as well. in show business, it was barbra streisand, julie andrews, carol burnett and lucille ball. all those women had a great impact on my life. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. >>> how would you like to pick a random address and visit it? we'll meet a man who did just that. >>> and how would you like to have all of your kids' toys made in america? >>> plus, how to hide your
in july. that sounds like texas. >> so ready for fourth of july. you guys are well dressed for that. there are 82 places in the u.s. that are named after christmas. so there is the town of christmas, arizona, christmas valley in oregon, christmas island in florida. two places in maine, christmas tree mountain and christmas cove, maine, christmas, michigan, a christmas motel in case you want -- not bates motel but christmas motel. >> that sounds fun. >> santa claus not left out. a couple of places called santa claus. >> santa claus, indiana. >> have you been there. >> no, but been -- >> he googled it. >> always christmas in the u.s. >> a couple of countries that have christmas as well. >> have you been doing my research? >> i'm studying as i go. >> all right. let's move onto museums. love this fun fact. best museum for kids? >> this is an amazing museum, the largest attendance according to travel and leisure, smithsonian national air and space museum, 8,300,000 visitors a year, admission is free. fantastic. the second? anyone? anyone? >> no. >> just in general with attendance the lou
. >>> a book lover's dream as an abandoned walmart in texas turned into largest library in the country, a size of two and a half football fields, the public library seeing a big spike in membership and innovative design. a lot of reports. >>> it's another scorcher today as we kick off the weekend. so if you're headed out in the sun, check out this new video, funny or die, featuring the stars rapping about the notorious spf. ♪ >> these two getting sun burned. no joke. having no problem using more sunscreen than they probably need. that's funny. five minutes past the hour? now back to stephanie. check of the spf forecast. >> it is hot out here. only 78. feels like 178. never too hot for a concert. too hot. are you guys hot over here. it is hot out here. not only new york, but across a big chunk of the country we are seeing heat advisories. current temperatures already at the early hour in the 80s across the middle of the country. >> good morning.the afternoon expect very little changed today. temperatures will be close to 100 this afternoon. a slight chance for some thumbs-up. >> five, four --
the way into texas. we'll take the rain. this area can use it. it's going to be spotty, severe. we're not concerned about any kind of an outbreak. 87 in chicago, 93 in denver. the heat continues in the west. we're enjoying the beautiful conditions in the northeast. the rain, hopefully, will be watering your lawns the next couple of days. from knoxville to nashville all the way to new orleans, even in florida, keep an eye on these afternoon storms. friday, we spread the wealth, bringing our rain right up the ohio valley which is another area that definitely can use the rain. and as storms continue on saturday into the ohio valley, temperatures about 90 degrees and louisville in the '80s. no major change in sunday in this area. remember, monday and friday, wake up with al, 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really
there was no choice. >> that's all you need. first up is lynn hamilton, 51 years old from lubbock, texas. she wears very little make-up because no one taught her how to put it on. she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. let's listen to her story. >> a lot of signs, a lot of excitement. i know you've wanted this for so long. why do you want this for your wife? >> it's just something she wanted to do for a long time. she always watches the "today" show and says i'd love to do this. i'm excited for her. >> you're not a big talker, but you are excited for your mom. >> yes. absolutely. works very hard and never really seems to take any time for herself. definitely something good for her. >> i know you're busting. are you ready to go? >> yes. i'm so excited. >> adorable! she is busting. again, mark is there, her husband, and her son eric. guys, please keep on your blindfolds until i give you the green light. here is lynn hamilton before. >> let's see her! >> lynn? [ pretty wom ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪ >> wow! all right, guys, take off your blindfolds. >> oh, wow! >> wow!
as texas. the big area of high pressure continues to dominate keeping those temperatures still high in the midsection of the country. we'll look at those temperatures and show you what we are expecting over the next 24 hours coming up in the next half-hour. >> yes, as they cool down on the east coast we heat up on the west coast. good morning. a live look at san francisco, where we are starting to clear out some of the cloud cover expecting earlier clearing today. hence, the warmest day of the week. by about two hours earlier. then it took the clouds ta clear in san francisco. 68 today as a result. 78 in san jose. as we head through the next three days we warm you up by 10 degrees between today and saturday. we hold on to mid-90s inland throughout the weekend. >>> that's your latest weather. now back to savannah. >> now to shocking claims about the background to a long-time aid of hillary clinton. on wednesday republican senator john mccain came to her defense. kelly o'donnell has this story for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is an unusual story.
in the midsection of the country, few showers along coastal pacific northwest. heat continues in texas, >> another hot day in store. upper 90's by this afternoon. a very hot outside. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up neck, billionaires building the biggest house in america until the recession hit hard right after this. it's olive garden's 2 for $25. all the salad and breadsticks you want. 2 appetizers made for sharing. then 2 entrÉes from 6 of our favorites. like new spaghetti with 4 cheese meat sauce & meatballs. 3 courses, 2 people, just $25. at olive garden. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios so how much do we owe you? that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive. who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ spokesman ] when you refinance your mortgage with quicken loans, you'll find that our rates and fees are extremely competitive. because the last thing you want is to spend too much on your mortgage. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ♪ i was worrie
as far as today. we've got a lot of wet weather down through texas on into louisiana. houston, galveston, lake charles, louisiana. we've got flash flood watches, flash flood warnings over the next 24 hours, over seven inches of rain will fall. in florida more heavy rain as well. expect, again, between the next 24 hours, tallahassee down to naples, anywhere from two to >> good morning.rain we could use some rain. a slight chance you'll see some rain in your neighborhood. >> that's your latest weather. natalie. >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's" home, summer friends in decor, bright colors and bold prints making quite a splash. kat good morning. the '80s, maybe not for everyone. >> maybe not for everyone. it's huge in fashion, why not the home. nothing says the '80s like neon. can you do this in your home. let's start with this chair. it's a classic cafe chair, reimagined in this fluorescent pink, from abc home. $150. it really does just add that edgy punch to a room. >> right. >> if you like to roll your sleeves up, you can do this yourself. they carry fluorescent spray paint. fo
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